Snowshoe Montgomery Pass trail (Cameron Pass), 13 February 2010

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  On the way up to Cameron Pass, herd of five was in the road. I think this was near Roaring Creek trailhead, that's where they were when we drove back down. Wouldn't let us get too close, even with the Prius engine off. Most of them were tagged with big yellow collars. Notice the short horns - these are all females.

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  Only the males get the big curvy horns. At least that's what Wikipedia says. Snowy drive for the last 15 miles! Wow it's a Pinzgauer, fun! Parking lot for Zimmerman Lake trail.

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  Across the road, next to the Stop sign is the trailhead for Montgomery Pass. Obligitory trailhead sign. We goin' dere. Stright ahead, uphill.. and more uphill. Maybe 1/3 of the way up. We probe-poled here and snow is 3 feet deep.

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  Took us 2 hours up, and 1 hour down. Further up at the split for the Bowls vs the Pass. Happy to see a trail sign, so we can tell how far we got. We missed the trail for the pass and ended up at the Bowls. Windy but pretty! Above our heads to the right are snowboarders hiking uphill.

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  In the middle, skier coming downhill. Difficult to see on far right, 2 snowboarders heading uphill. In the middle, 2 skiers heading uphill, and on the right one coming down. Probe-poling at the base of the bowl showed 3-4 feet. But downhill 100 ft, we got 6 feet deep! Time to plan a snowcave trip!

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