Snowshoe Lake Agnes / Nokhu Crags area 17 January 2010

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  Other folks in the parking lot, I think it was five people and four dogs. We ran into them later on the trail, they were fun and friendly. Notice the Nokhu Crags, we'll soon be south of them. It's 11am now. About a mile in at "the campground", go south here for Lake Agnes. This way to Lake Agnes. In the summer this road is open to even 2wd cars. A short ways in, another fork.

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  Spectacular views of Nokhu Crags. Lots of skiers coming down. Trail is well-packed - Bob's carrying his snowshoes. Turnoff for the Yurts. Bob is still carrying his snowshoes. Coming up on Lake Agnes Cabin, not to be confused with prior Agnes Creek Cabin.

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  Cool cabin! Are we having fun yet? On the National Register of Historic Places. This cabin's not for rent. In summer you can drive all the way up here. Lots of "Grey Jays" in the trees expecting a handout.

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  They are pretty. More on them later. Lake Agnes Cabin looking at the south side. Picnic table shows the snow depth. From Lake Agnes Cabin looking south. The main left trail goes to the lake in 0.8 miles each way, 480 ft elevation gain. There is a smaller trail to the right - don't take it. We did :-( After much steep climbing, trail petered out.

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  Looking back north-west along the "trail". Doesn't show up well but there are fairly deep hills and valleys of snow along this "trail". We went a little further then turned back. Maybe this is a summer trail, but it's not a winter trail. Back down to Lake Agnes Cabin, up the main trail, up and up and up, getting south of Nokhu Crags here. Notice the road (highway 14) in the background.

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  On a tangent, my perm from Oct has not fallen out yet, hurrah! A little further up, several trees had vertical marks like this. Close-up. Lightening strike?

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  Bob's about 40 feet up a very steep trail. Bob mostly walked down, then joined me in sliding :-) Just gorgeous. Finally - Lake Agnes itself! Totally iced over and snow-covered. So far as we can tell, it's 3.5 miles one-way from Highway 14 to here. Shorter in summer when you can drive in a ways.

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  from the lake looking up.

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  Started back out at 2:50pm, got to the car at 4:30pm. So nearly 4 hours in, just over 1.5 hours back. Back to Lake Agnes Cabin pretty quickly - a LOT faster going down than up! Bob and the cabin. Bob and the Nokhu Crags. Yes we're having fun.

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  Three Grey Jays were following us, very used to people. Being unafraid. And more unafraid. Back at the campground, setting sun on the Nohku Crags.

  Zoomed in of sunset on Nokhu Crags.

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