Snowshoe "Big South" trail near Cameron Pass, 10 January 2010

  IM001834 IM001835 IM001836 IM001837 IM001838  
  Near Cameron Pass. The usual suspects. At the 0.5 mile point. I can understand why "no motorized", but why "no hang gliders"?

  IM001853 IM001839 IM001840 IM001842 IM001843  
  The worst snow coverage on the trail, a short section. Out on the river. Cap'n Morgan! Hudson's first snow trek. Lots of pine beetle-caused death.

  IM001844 IM001845 IM001846 IM001847 IM001848  
  Trail across a Boulder Field, about 2 miles in. Bridge over "May Creek", 2.4 miles in.

  IM001849 IM001850 IM001851 IM001852  
  Heading back out, a Snow Angel. More Snow Angels! "HI" and "BYE". We're on the river, not on the trail here.

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