Snowshoe South St Vrain trail (near Peaceful Valley), 3 January 2010

We had an all-time high of nine folks on this trip: organizers Dave & Patty, Erick, Chris, John, Keith & Ann, and Bob & Sue. Much fun!

  IM001820 IM001821 IM001822 IM001823 IM001824  
  A moment ago these guys were blocking the road! About the time we dug out the camera, they moved off the road. Majestic, awesome. Gearing up for the hike. Sunny and warm today!

  IM001825 IM001826 IM001827 IM001828 IM001830  
  Just a few last-minute items. Awwwww.... South St Vrain Trail Rest break. There are about five short but steep sections on the trail. Picture does not capture how steep this section was! Dave braces against the tree to help Ann up.

  IM001831 IM001832 IM001833  
  Erick is down to his shirt sleeves. Made it to the top!

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