Ankeny, Iowa... Kansas City, Missouri... Possum Adventure, Lauri's house

Labor Day weekend, 2009... Friday we headed to Ankeny, Iowa to visit Bob's Aunt Alice. She's a hoot! Saturday we hopped over to Kansas City to spend a couple days with Bob's mom, staying overnight with Bob's sister Lauri. Lauri gave us a great "possum adventure"! We headed home late Monday.

  IM001420 IM001421 IM001422 IM001423 IM001424  
  Monty Alice ahhh, relaxing Alice sets a great table! Photo albums - lots of fun!

  IM001425 IM001426 IM001427 IM001428 IM001429  
  Annie, she's a cutie. Initially shy but warmed up to us within a couple hours. Penguins everywhere.

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  t-shirt doesn't show :-)

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  As we arrived in Lee's Summit, MO and were tying down, this taxied out. Ford Tri-Motor It's HUGE, but it took off in what looked like 300 feet Turns out it's the same one that was owned by LeMaster in Bob's hometown of Ottawa KS. Margaret Smith, in critical care

  IM001442 IM001443 IM001444 IM001445 IM001446  
  Hopefully she'll come back to Valley View soon, everyone misses her! Elsie and Ricco (sp?) We went down to Lauri's basement to see how a car tire valve stem works... and found this baby possum next to the tire. He was hissing but never even tried to bite. Lauri has had previous possum adventures and knows the babies don't bite.

  IM001447 IM001448 IM001449 IM001450 IM001451  
  Momma and more babies are up there. Another baby is hiding behind the water heater - we can hear it hissing. Bob and baby. There's momma.

  IM001452 IM001453 IM001454 IM001455 IM001456  

  IM001457 IM001458 IM001459 IM001460 IM001463  
  Sue finally got up the courage to hold one. Man they're cute. They didn't wriggle or squirm at all. Lauri puts them back up with mom. Zach, Lauri's cockatiel

  IM001464 IM001465 IM001467 IM001469 IM001470  
  Gorgeous huge spider Lauri's new 4-thread Serger sewing machine - with jet-air threading - pretty impressive!


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