3 June - 5 July 2009, geese and gosling at pond near our house

On 3 June Bob noticed a baby gosling at the pond near our house. He took some good photos and then took me over to show me the cute new arrival. We stopped by with the camera again on 14 June, and again on 28 June. WOW they grow fast!

  IM001056 IM001057 IM001058 IM001059 IM001061  
  3 June 2009 - Bob got these shots of the geese nice profile view of the gosling rain on the pond

  IM001084 IM001085 IM001086 IM001090 IM001109  
  Now 12 June, gosling is a lot bigger! Now 14 June, still growing fast!

  IM001111 IM001113 IM001114 IM001116 IM001117  
  Two Pelicans on the north pond aerator. Blue Heron on the south pond aerator.

  IM001119 IM001123 IM001127 IM001128 IM001130  

  IM001131 IM001188 IM001189 IM001190 IM001192  
  Now 28 June. Wow he (she?) is bigger! Tail feathers are real feathers, not down.

  IM001193 IM001194 IM001195 IM001196 IM001197  
  Blue dragonfly in flight. It finally landed for a moment, for a photo. Sue on the phone, as always.

  IM001198 IM001199 IM001200 IM001201 IM001203  
  Mating dragonflies Fish! Dragonflies are laying their eggs in the water here, among the algae

  IM001204 IM001205 IM001259 IM001260 IM001261  
  Now 5 July Growing up, about the size of a duck

  IM001262 IM001263 IM001264 IM001265 IM001267  

  Pelicans again!

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