Building an Igloo 4 January 2008

  IM000764 IM000765 IM000766 IM000767 IM000768  
  The usual "in the parking lot" shot We stamped out a circle for the igloo, now it's time to set up the box The pole goes out from center to the box, making the circle First row done, starting on second row of blocks

  IM000769 IM000770 IM000771 IM000772 IM000773  
  Second row nearly done We're havin' some fun... Keith and Bob took turns on the inside, Sue just shoveled

  IM000774 IM000775 IM000776 IM000777 IM000778  
  Getting the right angle turned out to be critical, so the walls slope in enough to get a roof on

  IM000779 IM000780 IM000781 IM000782 IM000783  
  Third row complete, working on 4th

  IM000784 IM000786 IM000787 IM000788 IM000789  
  Past waist high Had a blowout here, Colorado "champagne powder" just doesn't pack well

  IM000790 IM000793 IM000794 IM000795 IM000792  
  Time to give up on getting a roof, and put in a door so Keith can get out

  IM000796 IM000797 IM000798 IM000799 IM000800  
  4 rows took it to shoulder height

  IM000801 IM000802 IM000803 IM000808 IM000809  
  Bob's inside, cutting a window Packing up the IceBox tool Window shot

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