December 30 2006 Snowshoe at Coyote Ridge Natural Area, Fort Collins

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  Ann and Keith, awww they're so cute :-) Patty and Dave from Erie drove up to join us Rich from Texas (visiting GeorgeR for New Years) joins us. First time snow-shoeing! Bob gears up. Not too much snow here in the parking lot.

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  Looking back at the parking lot Now they all look up and smile for the camera! Patty, Keith, and Dave Rich's cell phone rang, cool ring tone! Say cheese!

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  Now the uphill starts Looking north before the first uphill, I just liked the drifted snow banks. Bob, Kate, Eric, Ann, Rich

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  Lookit that brown cloud over Fort Collins! Gopher, aka prairie rat We stopped at the ranger station about half a mile in, for a break. Decent bathrooms here (off camera) and the ranger station in the background Dave, Patty, and Sue continued on to the first turn. The snow got a lot deeper and it's uphill so we didn't make it very far. Here's the trail (untracked by humans) in front of us, looking S-SW

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  Deer tracks? We turned around here One last shot of Dave and Patty before the camera batteries died. Left the extra batteries in the truck, darn! Back at the parking lot, Ann gives us a litle dance as she peels a layer. Notice Rich's cool hat in the foreground (and his hair - lots longer than Bob's!) Kate and Eric

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  Awwwww Debating what's for lunch, what's the nearest place with good beer? Pappy's it is.

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