McCall, Idaho Labor Day weekend 2006

  IM001541 IM001543 IM001544 IM001547 IM001550  
  Pretty butterfly just outside the cabin Equally pretty spider on the cabin Saturday, heading out for boating! Evan solo on the tube

  IM001551 IM001552 IM001557 IM001554 IM001555  
  Sarah Annie

  IM001561 IM001562 IM001567 IM001563 IM001564  
  Manny "Wake-surfing" - surfing really close behind a boat that sits really low in the water and creates a huge wake Requires a boat with an inboard motor to be further from the prop Sarah gets ready to wakeboard

  IM001565 IM001568 IM001571 IM001572 IM001573  
  Ev takes a snooze and warms up from wakeboarding (that water is chilly) Ready to start Man she's good

  IM001577 IM001578 IM001579 IM001585 IM001586  
  poof The next day, Sunday

  IM001596 IM001588 IM001590 IM001592 IM001593  
  Ev snoozes in the sun, warming up after tubing Sarah and Sarha on the tube

  IM001594 IM001595 IM001597 IM001598 IM001599  
  Boat is thirsty so Manny heads into the marina and slows down a lot With no whirling around at high speed, the Sarah's relax their grips

  IM001600 IM001601 labor_day_06_001 labor_day_06_002 labor_day_06_003  
  Manny notices they are relaxing and guns the engine, knocking Sarah off. "Cheap shot!" she yells. Annie's pics from Saturday Or is this Sunday Evan tubes both days at high speed

  labor_day_06_004 labor_day_06_005 labor_day_06_006 labor_day_06_007 labor_day_06_008  
  Annie flunks for not getting pics of Sue out there tubing

  labor_day_06_009 labor_day_06_010 labor_day_06_011 labor_day_06_012 labor_day_06_013  

  labor_day_06_014 labor_day_06_015 labor_day_06_016 labor_day_06_017 labor_day_06_018  
  Sarah and Harrison doing "da gangsta thang"

  labor_day_06_019 labor_day_06_020 labor_day_06_021 labor_day_06_022 labor_day_06_023  
  "Whaaaat?" "go away with that camera before..." Didja notice the eyes? Sue's eyes were open for 6 pictures straight. A world record!

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