COG Pro Rally 23-24 September 2006 Steamboat CO

  IM001602 IM001603 IM001604 IM001605 IM001607  
  Saturday leaving the noon pit area.

  IM001609 IM001610 IM001611 IM001612 IM001613  
  Coming into finish Stage 10 - last stage on Saturday

  IM001614 IM001615 IM001616 IM001617 IM001618  

  IM001619 IM001622 IM001623 IM001624 IM001625  

  IM001626 IM001627 IM001628 IM001629 IM001630  

  IM001631 IM001632 IM001633 IM001634 IM001635  
  Medical sweep had fun

  IM001636 IM001637 IM001638 IM001639 IM001640  
  Heavy Sweep had cool flashers Media is poised at the corner - this is the last corner of Stage 17, last stage on Sunday Close-up

  IM001641 IM001642 IM001643 IM001644 IM001645  
  Media chopper got the first few cars on video

  IM001646 IM001647 IM001648 IM001649 IM001650  

  IM001651 IM001652 IM001653 IM001654 IM001655  
  I would not have wanted to stand _that_ close to the course!

  IM001656 IM001657 IM001658 IM001659 IM001660  

  IM001662 IM001663 IM001664 IM001665 IM001666  
  Finish control stage 17, looking out over the valley, Hayden is far right On the far left, Steamboat ski area already has some snow up top Control crew

  IM001667 IM001668 IM001669  
  Wrecker is about to enter the stage (backwards) to winch a car out of the ditch On the right, Luke and Rebecca from Longmont worked the SuperSpecial with us on Sunday and came up to watch the last stage too

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