Chickasha, OK to pick up Vagabond 29 August 2006

  IM001520 IM001521 IM001522 IM001523 IM001524  
  On the ramp at Chickasha, Oklahoma It's pronounced "CHICK-ah-shay" Airport has a gorgeous new concrete ramp, lots of tie-downs on the east side

  IM001525 IM001526 IM001527 IM001528 IM001529  
  Huge new hangars in the background This pretty Cub was facing the Vagabond, keeping each other company And a nice Eagle next to the Vagabond Bill Arnold and the 1948 Vagabond

  IM001530 IM001531 IM001532 IM001534 IM001535  
  The "V" has come off the name on this side of the tail Otherwise, the fabric and paint are gorgeous Sue pushes the Vagabond, with the Bonanza in the background Bob is drooling Bill checks fuel and oil. 4.5 gal/hr

  IM001536 IM001537 IM001538 IM001539  
  Pretty basic panel but everything you need for day VFR. Chickasha is a great little airport - cheaper fuel than home, nice FBO building, very very friendly Taking off on the paved runway (there's a nice turf one too) Lifts off just before the windsock

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