New Trees and painting trim, August 2005

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  Starting on the big hole for the big tree big tree big mama root ball Frank Bazler provided the truck and the 20-lb pick and a bunch of labor -- THANKS Frank!!! Sue swings the pick too

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  dig that hole bigger and deeper. Took about a full day to put in this tree. Hole is supposed to be twice the diameter of the root ball The apple tree, it's only ~5 feet tall It only took about an hour to dig the hole and plant this baby tree Right center is the forest gold ash tree. You can see its height compared to the house - about 20 feet tall! The new honey locust is left of the driveway and kinda blends in with the bush behind it

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  Also notice 6 new shutters on the house, all newly painted, and fresh paint on the garage doors & trim The ash replaces a hawthorne that died a couple years ago The honey locust replaces an apple tree that died that same year Honey locust on the left, past the driveway is the ash on the right, and in the background the older crabapple tree Trees are not staked yet but we did put plastic around the base to protect from weed-whackers tearing off the bark

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  yes sue is on a ladder, painting trim Only about 3 feet off the ground, but hey given my fear of heights, that's pretty good for me There's a lot of trim to paint!

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