Pueblo Aug 2005 CD-EX

  IM002639 IM002640 IM002641 IM002643 IM002644  
  Gearing up for the practical of finding "real" booby traps "Utah"

  IM002645 IM002646 IM002647 IM002648 IM002649  
  They were a good team and put up with me as a beginner Nearly invisible tripwire. In the full-size photo (click the thumbnail, then click again on the mid-size one) you can just barely see it about an inch above the flagging tape. Totally invisible from this angle At a checkpoint we get the GPS coords for the next checkpoint Breakfast before we start flying on Thursday. Joyce is ready to work!

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  Mission base Chuck critiques everyone's photos Earl, Vic, and John keep mission base running

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