McCall and Boise, Idaho Aug 1-10 2005

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  Rafting in Riggins north of McCall, Idaho We did a full-day trip with Brundage Mountain Adventures Our guide was Jamie and he was lots of fun! Franks Photos took these great shots Front left is Sue, front right is Manny with a cap on

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  middle left is Evan, middle right is Sarah Jamie the guide in the back with the long oars self-bailing paddle boats rock!

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  Mountain biking at Brundage Ski Resort! At the top... The top of the lift we rode up Manny, Sarah, Evan Sarah, Sue, Evan From the top, gorgeous views to the SE of Payette Lake

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  Looking south-west off the front of the ski resort Looking west Stopped about half-way down, looking down the lift line Annie and Mom coming up the lift I took a few falls and wipeouts, have a good "dirt tan" on my legs

  IM002608 IM002609 IM002610 IM002611 IM002612  
  Fun bike with front shocks saved me from worse falls, tho the end-over fall was interesting.... (thank god) we're finally at the bottom looking back uphill Manny, Sarah and Evan (dusty but they didn't fall at all) Brundage Resort / Lodge (nice family place!) Annie and Mom come back down the chairlift

  IM002613 IM002617 IM002618 IM002619 100_0306  
  Hanging out at the base Here's a serious biker - way sweet bike, full padding... Another serious biker - huge shocks on the bike, and his orange shirt matches his bike :-) On Payette Lake: Mom (Grandma) getting on the tube

  100_0307 100_0308 100_0309 IM002620 IM002621  
  Mom and Annie on the 2-person tube, towed behind the boat Me being flag person in the front of the boat (getting sunburned) Sarah Serabian aka Sarha aka Saras aka sarah suburbian From the marina looking south-west at the sailboats From the marina looking south at the beach

  IM002622 IM002623 IM002624 IM002626 IM002627  
  The dock annie's boat is moored at Annie and Manny's toy Bob and Manny working on the boat Dad and Annie A nice Four Winns toy

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  We interrupt boating for a P-3 Orion flying over Landing at McCall Airport, just south of Payette Lake Tieing up the boat Annie's new volvo toy At the Pancake House restaurant (great food, HUGE portions)

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  Gorgeous building it's in Typical day at the McCall cabin... Annie smooching Tanner, Sarah on the cabin laptop, Manny working at his laptop, Mom and Dad reading on the couch, Evan, and me making faces at each other

  IM002570 IM002575 IM002576 IM002579 IM002580  
  Evan with red-eye Sarah with a cool hair-straigtener Great faces he makes Mom and Dad and Annie in front of the cabin Nice cabin...

  IM002581 IM002582 IM002583 IM002584 IM002586  
  I'll take it! An even more gorgeous house down the street being built Nice street, trees everywhere... A fox visits, wanting eggs Cute guy, sits and begs

  IM002587 IM002588 IM002589 IM002590 IM002592  
  Picks up his egg and runs off Then comes back begging for another Still out there but nearly invisible in the grass (middle, in front of the rock)

  IM002593 IM002594 IM002631 IM002632 IM002633  
  zoomed in Begging for another Back in Boise, cool chalk drawing in the driveway Mary's Bob's car Evan in full lacrosse gear

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  Evan and Annie Mom and Dad

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