July 10, 2005 Roaring Creek Trail

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  First bridge at ~1/4 mile - nice bridge! Looking upstream from the bridge "Kodak Moment" spot just uphill from the bridge Tons of gorgeous flowers Looking south and west, about halfway up the first switchbacks

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  Looking further west Looking south and east From a little further uphill, now the trailhead is visible. You can almost pick out "Bluie", Ann's new SUV toy Meet up with Roaring Creek on our left (west) To the top of the switchbacks, a gentle downhill, and time for a snack.

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  Left to right is Bob, Ann, Keith Coumbines! Lots of the Colorado State Flower growing wild here. Bob, Ann, Keith on the well-maintained trail Lightning strike? Keith and Bob

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  Ann on the very nice new footbridge Lots more columbines along the trail More interesting flowers A larger patch of it Bluebells? Kinda purple though

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  Wildflowers everywhere Bob at the next stream crossing Nice trail in great condition

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  Gorgeous views of Roaring Creek Bob and Keith out on a log Keith further out - "Keith on the edge" We may have taken the wrong fork here - we went left along the log / rock at creek-edge and an obvious trail continued on. Right and steep up was another fainter trail...???

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  Big rockfall behind them, on the right (east) side of the trail Small meadow, trail fades but is obvious on the other side Flatter, smooth trail, gorgeous scenery Trail's a little fainter, a new detour rounds a fallen tree

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  The one and only marshy spot. Both hiking trails books we had, talked about a very marshy/boggy trail, beaver ponds, etc. We hiked a dry, newly-maintained trail, often 100 yds from the creek. Did much of the trail get re-located further away from the creek? Opens up in a wide flat meadow, Roaring Creek is quiet now Looking back downstream. This was 3 hours into the hike. Stopped for lunch/snack. About 5 minutes further on the trail, it opens up into a HUGE meadow and the trail fades completely out. We turned around here. Not sure how far from the "end" we were, or if we missed a fork.

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