July 6, 2005 Killpecker Trail

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  On the road, the parking lot for Killpecker Trail is on the left (south), with a trailhead marker but no road sign for it. The North Fork Poudre trail goes north. The first stream crossing. Just narrow enough to bother me. First "Keith on the edge" shot The Killpecker creek is quite pretty! Lots of little waterfalls

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  And moist enough down here to have TONS of bugs. Even I got a mosquito bite, and I usually get only one bite all summer long. Second stream crossing, lots more logs so this one is quite sturdy. More waterfalls

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  First road crossing, arrow is pretty obvious to go left down the road to pick up the trail on the other side If you walk right (west) instead down the road, there's a nice view to the right (north) Mostly a shady trail here, very obvious trail, and tons of bugs still Lots of ground cover - very green and moist!

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  Second road crossing (looking back downhill) Lots of deadwood off the trail Tree across the trail (me sitting on it). Got a good scratch crossing it each way - that one is bloodthirsty!

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  Lots of water on the trail here Baby waterfall on the trail Finally just mud Opens out into a meadow, with snowbank on the left (zoomed in)

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  Snowbank unzoomed, from the trail Further up, over a ridge and gentle downhill, opens up into a large meadow. Middle Bald Mountain straight ahead, though the trail goes off to the right and downhill... and downhill... to 517. We went back up to the meadow and bushwhacked from the trail up the north shoulder to the top of Middle Bald. Westward, a small snowbank! We'll visit it on the way down Looking north

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  Keith, lunch Looking south - over Poudre Canyon Looking west, the trail we came up is barely visible in tbe middle, base of the trees "Keith on the edge" - for real! It's quite a dropoff

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  Looking east from the top of Middle Bald - we definitely chose the best way up! Keith further out on the rocks Looking east & south -- south Bald Mountain we think in the foreground Looking north and east - Red Feather Lakes The snowfield on the north shoulder of Middle Bald Mountain

  Fairly large (and dirty), and slushy

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