July 17, 2005 Arthurs Rock

  IM002455 IM002456 IM002457 IM002458 IM002459  
  Top of the first switchbacks, looking back east to the parking lot. Zooming in, Bluie can be seen! Bob, Gabi, Ann, Keith Very tall grass in the meadow - about 4 feet high! Looking back across the meadow, east. After the meadow the trail goes fairly straight west. Just before it starts to zig again is a patch of poison ivy on the north (right side going uphill), right ON THE TRAIL. We didn't notice it until we were going back downhill!

  IM002460 IM002461 IM002462 IM002463 IM002464  
  After the meadow, Keith up against a rock on the trail. Yowie loud rattle just off the trail Rattlesnake, less than a foot off the trail

  IM002465 IM002466 IM002467 IM002468 IM002469  
  More zoomed in We gave him/her a very wide detour! Scenic overlook, about 1/2 way up Pretty flowers - these are actually light blue More flowers - pink and yellow

  IM002471 IM002470 IM002472 IM002473 IM002474  
  Ann, Keith, Bob, Gabi taking a break Keith on a big rock at a nice overlook Bob

  IM002476 IM002477 IM002478 IM002479 IM002480  
  "Keith on the edge" - and we're not talking about the cliff face here Ah the big warning sign. THANK YOU! "Can't touch this"

  IM002481 IM002482 IM002483 IM002484 IM002485  
  It's a pretty big patch! I'll stick with these flowers Last 0.1 mile to the top - Keith & Ann Ann & Gabi

  IM002486 IM002487 IM002488 IM002489 IM002490  
  The route up - yup it's steep! From halfway up, looking back down Ann, Gabi, Bob pick their way up Relax at the top NICE views of Fort Collins to the north-east

  IM002491 IM002492 IM002493 IM002494 IM002495  
  Bob getting shot of Keith truly "on the edge". Keith's pictures turned out better Coming back from the edge The Captain Morgan pose To the south, the antenna farm

  IM002496 IM002497 IM002498 IM002499 IM002500  
  To the left of the antenna farm is Horsetooth Rock Keith up on a BIG rock Bob getting a shot of Ann

  IM002501 IM002502  
  Fort Collins to the south-east. In the middle just beyond the trees is the parking lot Close-up of the parking lot - we climbed quite a ways!

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