DSCN7075 DSCN7078 DSCN7079 DSCN7083 DSCN7084  
  the shaft right side handle parts this one has a chip out of it 82H's handle

  DSCN7088 DSCN7091 DSCN7092 DSCN7096 DSCN7097  
  82H handle Broken. But seems sufficient. Clip loaded and ready for assembly. I removed this spring. It was causing trouble. Good view of the shaft.

  DSCN7099 DSCN7100 DSCN7103 DSCN7104 DSCN7105  
  One handle installed. Did not work though. Removed. Sizing the clip. Other handle installed. Seems to work.

  Spare parts.

32s AVI file: 126MBroken handle video showing the problem with the handle slipping round and round.

25s AVI file 97M: Working handle video showing the other handle on and seems to work.

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