Glendo with Don in his C206 -- 2014-09-24

Don introduces me to the Glendo WY airport. We fly up in his C206 for lunch and an excursion there. The pictures prove that once you learn to ride a bicycle that you never ever forget no matter how long it has been since you last road a bicycle. Don says it has been twenty years since he was last on a bike.

  20140924_143817 20140924_143840 2014-09-24_13.19.29 2014-09-24_13.47.28 2014-09-24_13.47.49  
  Bikes packed into the back. Parked at 76V Glendo WY airport. Bikes out and ready to go. Don on the bike. Don on the bike.

  20140924_144806 20140924_144925 20140924_145025 20140924_145032 20140924_145041  
  Sure it is a little short. (Joking. This is back taxi before take-off.) On take-off to the North. Our shadow as we depart. Lake Glendo to the East. Bob in the right seat.

  20140924_145044 20140924_145113  
  Don is flying. Lake is down for dam repairs.

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