C140 Flight Back From Glennwood Springs - 2014-06-30

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  Caution on road around airport. The runway and road are adjacent. Just after take-off from Glennwood. Snuggled up against the left side of the valley. Looking down Roaring Fork Valley from Glennwood to Carbondale and Mount Sopris. Mount Sopris.

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  Not a cloud in the sky. Carbondale. Kremmling. Williams Fork Reservoir

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  Spillway spilling water. Bird nests. Bird nests made of mud. No photos but the little birds were swarming around chittering for me to keep away from their nests.

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  Granby courtesy car. One of the spots I like to cross. But I am too far below it for at this time. I need to keep climbin. Ridge lift is booming going East. I decide to ride the ridge lift elevator up and over.

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  Lift is so good I don't need to wait for the pass and can just go up and over anywhere. Beautiful day! Crossing the divide east.

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  Looking back at the divide. Toward Long's Peak.

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