A Massive Hailstorm! - 2014-06-24

This was the most powerful hail storm I have experience. And I have been through a lot of hail over the years! These hailstones sounded like they were going to come through the roof. I picked up some stones that rebounded onto the porch. There was no way I was going to step out into the storm to pick up choice bigger ones. That would have been suicidal. These in the photos were ones I picked up from the rebound from where it was safe. This storm lasted long and very powerful for a long time. My poor car got nailed. Broke the brake light. Broke the rear wiper. But all in all didn't change the value of my beater car any so not so bad for me. I feel for the neighbors.

  IM002355 IM002356 DSCN6029 DSCN6030 DSCN6032  

  IM002363 IM002364 IM002365 DSCN6033 IM002378  
  back door

  DSCN6044 IM002373 IM002376 IM002391 IM002368  
  quarters thrown down for size

  IM002369 IM002366 IM002379 DSCN6038 DSCN6040  
  size against the quarters Grabbed a handful Almost golf ball size Oh my! Wow!

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