Fort Morgan Fly-In -- 2013-06-23

Bill Cherry and I fly the C140 out to the annual Fort Morgan Fly-In. It is always a fun time. I opened my doors in the C140. I sat kids in the plane with a headset for pictures. As you might imagine that ended up with a long line of kids to sit in the airplane. I did nothing else for an hour or so. So no pictures of me or the C140 there. Sue and Brenda flew out in the C182 and I think they got some pictures. Good time.

  DSCN4975 DSCN4976 DSCN4977 DSCN4978 DSCN4979  

  DSCN4980 DSCN4981 DSCN4982 DSCN4983 DSCN4984  

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