Fixing two Samsung 204B monitors -- 2012-03-18

My monitors were hit with the bad capacitor problem . One has been dead for a while. But then the second one died off just the other day while I was using it! It had been hard starting for a while. But then there I was using it and it just faded away. No amount of power cycling could revive it. Time to fix it. Actually it is time to fix two of them. This is actually a mix of both repairs. The end of the first one and the start of the second one.

  IM000578 IM000579 IM000566 IM000567 IM000568  
  Splitting it apart. Note the plastic spatula. Start at the bottom so that if you munge the plastic that it won't show. I started the opening with a pocket knife blade. Then I found that zipping along with the spatula wedging the halves apart was the best technique. It was halfway through the second one that I did that I learned this trick. Don't pry it between the layers like I am showing here. Just use it straight in to split the plastic halves apart. The plastic and EMI shield is off. That part was easy. The power supply board is on the right. Two bulging capacitors. The two larger ones together are bad. Hard to see here but the tops are bulging up. The two taller caps have the ends bulging up. Not much. But enough to tell that they are bad.

  IM000569 IM000572 IM000574 IM000575 IM000576  
  Maybe easier to see the end bulging in this angle. Now it is time to get them out. Fast forward. Already removed the old ones. Now soldering in the new ones. Sue snapped these pictures of me working. Sad that I need the magnifier and the light these days. New capacitors replaced. Board installed back in monitor. Putting the EMI sheld back it now.

  IM000577 IM000582 IM000583  
  I am snapping the plastic halves back together. Works! Sorry for the blurry image. Obviously no flash possible so I had to hold the camera steady.

The two capacitors that I needed to replace were 820uF 25V. The others that I didn't need this time were three 330uF 35V and one 47uF 50V. Just noting them here for the next time on one of my remaining monitors that hasn't gone bad yet.

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