Early Snowfall in Colorado -- 2011-10-26

An early winter storm in Colorado dumped a lot of wet heavy snow on the trees around our yard. One quite large limb came down in our back yard. Another is resting against the house roof. That is a good thing because otherwise I am sure that limb would have come down too. A large limb across the street broke and is hanging. One moment this morning it looked fine and the next look it was hanging. The poor little apple tree in the back is really bent to the ground.

  IM004363 IM004351 IM004352 IM004353 IM004354  
  Looking out the window at the limb down from the big ash in back. Looking out the window upstairs. Some of the upper limbs are still very heavy. Those trees are suffering. A large limb is resting against the house. Hopefully that will save it. It has been such a nice tree shading our back yard.

  IM004355 IM004369 IM004374 IM004370 IM004371  
  Looking down at that little apple tree all bent over. Normally it would be tall there. Can just barely see it hidden behind the grape trellis over the patio. The little apple tree is bent over double. Trees are heavy with snow. I hate to see the tree damage. The choke cherry in the back has survived countless snows hitting it like this. It has lost multiple big limb on many other occasions and it is still alive.

  IM004372 IM004358 IM004359 IM004361 IM004362  
  Our "bushtree" is bent over the fence into the neighbors yard. The branches on the right look very heavy. Hope they hold. The golden ash in the front looks fine. (Sorry for the screen in the picture.) The honey locust in the front looks sad but seems to have survived. It is hidden some behind the basket ball hoop. Looking out through the plants in the front room at the snow on the crab apple tree.

  IM004366 IM004367  
  Neighbors tree limb hanging. Our small golden ash is looking good. Crab apple in the front is suffering under the load.

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