Yellow Jacket Wasp Sting -- 2011-05-27

It is confirmed. Yellow jackets are after me. They actively seek me out. I was just stung on the foot. Last August I was stung on the same foot! Last time was outside walking out my front door. A nest I didn't know about had developed under the porch. I was apparently in their territory without knowing it.

But this time they came after me. I was taking a shower! I stepped on the wasp and WHAM! She hit my foot hard. I will let you know that she was madder than a wet hornet! I managed not to tear down the shower current getting out of the shower. Then I used the shampoo bottle to defend myself against her.

Thankfully I am not alergic to the venom. This is two days later when my toes and foot are swollen up and the skin is inflamed and red. But I yet again developed an infection due to the bacteria that is injected along with it. Wasps drag their bodies through the muck while foraging and drag along all kinds of nasty bacteria that gets injected into you when you are stung. Time for a trip to the doctor to deal with the infection. Again. But I am getting to this one before it gets as bad as last time.

How can such a small sting cause so much pain?

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