Rally Colorado in Steamboat Springs Colorado -- 2009-09-20

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  Bruce from Rally America - he keeps the Tag Heuer equipment going. Mike's crew Marshall and Spectator crews. All the control crews. This is Sunday, we start an hour later, so it's already daylight... unlike Saturday's before-sunrise start. Ben hauling equipment at finish Stage 12 - Sage Creek.

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  Ben brought a popup tent. Which really does assembly in ~15 seconds. Later when the rain comes, they were really glad to have it. Bob's getting wet even inside. Note dry under the car, road is just wet, not yet slick.

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  Sue's getting wet. She's the runner so has to be outside. Bob likes this picture. This was going to be Stage 16 but ended up being Stage 17 first. Bob picks up the scorecard. Car 600 rolled and lost their windshield. But what is it they're using for a windscreen?

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  It's their rear hatch! Wow that's an excellent idea! Sue gives them their scorecard. John had fun running medical sweep. Keenan and Ben - they worked hard today and did an outstanding job. Rainbow! This is about halfway from Hayden back to Steamboat.

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  It's still raining. Way cool mammatus clouds.

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