C140 Fuel Tanks Removed -- 2008-10-01

The upper fuel crossfeed on the fuel tanks in the C140 were leaking. While trying to replace the rubber the hose attachment broke off. That meant that the tanks needed to come out. Here are some pictures.

  im003531 im003532 im003533 im003535 im003537  
  Level flight attitude. So as to facilitate draining the fuel from the tanks. Almost empty. Brian is working on sumps. The tanks are exposed. The other one too.

  im003538 im003541 im003542 im003543 im003544  
  Brian will be happy to have this one out of the shop. The CG does look pretty far forward on the C140. The view from aft. A wider image. There is the problem.

  im003545 im003546 im003550 im003551 im003558  
  The hose attachment came right off in my hand. It needs to be cut off and a new one welded back on. The fuel gauge. Very simple mechanism. The tanks are out.

  im003559 im003561 im003562 im003563  
  Evidence of mice. The other side. But the aluminum looks good. A final overall look.

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