Raptor Center After Work Hike 2007-08-08

Another week and another hike. In order to keep things quick we decided to do the trail along the river around the Raptor Center.

  HPIM1446 HPIM1447 HPIM1448 HPIM1449 HPIM1450  
  Heather, Chris, Erick, Keith An automated water monitor station Chris and Heather Bob

  HPIM1451 HPIM1452 HPIM1453 HPIM1454 HPIM1455  
  Keith, Erick A fire watch station on the opposite river bank. We wanted to check it out. But it was on the other side of the river from us. We could not get there from here. Gravel bar

  HPIM1456 HPIM1457 HPIM1458 HPIM1459 HPIM1460  
  Flower! Yellow Flower. A Rainbow! We did actually get a little wet on this trail. It was not too bad though and the rain stopped by the time we were back to the trail head and cars. Chris, Heather, Keith, Erick Chris, Bob, Keith, Erick

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