Dec 23, 2006 - Cabin Fever Grips Town

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  Dec 23 after 2 days of everyone being snowbound, the roads were packed. This is LeMay looking south from Swallow. We cut east into a subdivision, not really any faster but much more entertaining. There's a car under that hump of snow Jer/ came by to play with antennas, and got stuck in our driveway. Perry Scott wasn't dressed to play in the snow but helped push and shovel anyways.

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  Later, a snowplow went up our street and totally packed in our sidewalk It had been nicely shoveled, oh well let's do it again. Took a while to make a hole through the waist-high pile Bob's Mom - wow Hefty zip sandwich bags Woo-hoo years' supply! Can't get these in stores so we mail-ordered a case :-)

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