Various Crash & SAREX Target/Tarp Pictures

caution - some are real crashes - viewer discretion is advised

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08M0894 missing Cessna 310 from Hayden to Fort Collins Loveland, 25 May 2008.  Photos by Sean Blake. More photos here by Jack Dysart

flying eastbound viewing north.  Notice snowmobile below the crash site. flying southbound viewing east.  The red on the snowmobile near the top is noticable
flying northbound viewing west.  Mostly hidden by the trees. flying westbound, viewing south.  Hidden by trees.


gjt0102.jpg (206666 bytes) GJT experimental crash  -- the mission on the West Slope during our SAREX 16-18 Feb 2001 wpe1.jpg (50272 bytes) Blurry, of the Bellanca Viking that crashed 11/99.  Was found 7/00
gjt0102a.jpg (297637 bytes) different angle

Planted actual wreckage.  Was North of Highway 34, 6 east of FNL   9/98

 Looking South, notice the left (east) edge of the V-ravine in the middle, 1/2 mile north-east of the junkyard. Looking East now, same ravine with the V at the top.  On the north-east (top) edge of the ravine there's a junk pile.  Just east (above) the end of the gully is…
Parts of an airplane!  Here we're looking South and a little west, at the east end of the V-end of the gully.  Circling around a little… Now looking North-West, what used to be N3135J, a white C150 with red and blue trim.  Bonus points if you used binoculars to get the tail # :-) 

Planted beacon in a cool location, north of the west side of Loveland.  9/98

 Looking North.  The North-South road on the right is Shields, 1 west of US 287.  Just outside the picture to the north-west is a brand new subdivision. Closer in, looking North-NorthEast.  The planes are just west of the trees along the stream.
Over the brand new subdivision looking East.  From the ranch in the middle, just south-west (down and right) from the buildings is an orange dot.  That should be there both days, it's a Cub.  Possibly next to it is a white SuperCub. Looking West north-west again, beacon is under the wing of the yellow Cub.

Lost hiker with an orange tent (aka a 7x5 red tarp) 9/98.   2 North of the Poudre River, 3 due west of Grey Rock 

Looking North-West.  Notice the ravine just right of the middle of the strut.

 Now looking South-West, close in on the ravine, see the silver (actually orange) dot right on the fence line halfway between the ravine and the left (east) trees?

Looking North-East now, same ravine in the middle.  Where the ravine trails off on the upper (north) side, there's an East-West fence line… Looking North-East again, close-up of the ravine and orange tarp.  You see why we put out three tarps at each location at the Feb 2001 SAREX.

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