September 9, 2001  C/1LT Niswender Solo's!

Congratulations to C/1LT Niswender, who completed her first solo in Colorado Wing's ASK-21 Sailplane, N221CP on Sunday, September 9, 2001 at Colorado Soaring Association's Owl Canyon Gliderport. 17 year old Niswender has been working for over a year on her piloting skills and qualifications toward her glider solo flight(s). She accomplished her flight training on her own, as she attended CAP encampments during the times of CAP flight academy.

Cadet Niswender completed three solo flights in the ASK-21. The first two were in the local gliderport environment, which qualified her for the Soaring Society of America's "A" (Solo) badge. The third flight was for one hour and 34 minutes, which qualified her for the SSA "B" (Duration) badge, for completing a solo flight of over 30 minutes duration.

The ASK-21 is considered a medium performance sailplane, with a 33:1 glide ratio. Usually, a Schweitzer 2-33, trainer is used, which has a much lesser glide ratio and is easier to fly. Cadet Niswender has the distinction of having only, ever, flown the ASK-21 sailplane. This means that she is the FIRST CAP cadet in the NATION to have gone from first flight through solo totally in the ASK-21. With some more work, she may be the first CAP cadet to complete her training from first flight to private pilot certificate in the ASK-21. Keep focused!

C/Niswender is also the Cadet Commander for the Thompson Valley Composite Squadron.

Her instructor is Lt Col Jer/ Eberhard, Civil Air Patrol, Colorado Wing, Thompson Valley Composite Squadron, RMR-CO-147, who instructs in airplanes, seaplanes and gliders.

ground.jpg (319206 bytes) The sign-off and logbook entries, ready for solo! tow2.jpg (413303 bytes) The fun part is practicing "boxing the wake".
glider1.jpg (304295 bytes) C/Niswender straps in... wayupinthesky.jpg (292508 bytes) Soaring with the eagles...
glider3.jpg (275540 bytes) Inspecting the weak link. itsoverthere.jpg (329137 bytes) The only thing more fun than flying is talking about flying!
glider2.jpg (280210 bytes) Thumbs up, ready to fly! jerexplainsitall.jpg (331053 bytes) Jer/ explains dog-fighting oops "advanced aerodynamics" (we can do 60 of bank in the glider!)
glider_ground1.jpg (323967 bytes) Tow line hooked up... hangingout.jpg (314700 bytes) relaxing in the...
glider_ground2.jpg (367703 bytes) picking up speed... colosouringassnhaus.jpg (271696 bytes) "Colo. Soaring Assn. Club Haus"
tow1.jpg (301267 bytes) Takeoff on tow accomplished! loading.jpg (292573 bytes) Reflections on a wonderful day...

Loading the glider back into its trailer, to fly another day, to soar again...


RachaelDietz.jpg (327545 bytes)  C/Dietz looks sharp in her Air Force uniform!!  Go Get 'Em!


Special Thanks to:  Debbie Hines for taking photos, Jennifer Gerckens for scanning them in, Jer/ for donating his time and CFI experience!