1999 Operation Scenic Overlook

Imaging Training

September 11-12

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RIM00118.JPG (172032 bytes) "Small" slowscan equipment RIM00119.JPG (172032 bytes) Slowscan equipment - large package RIM00120.JPG (172032 bytes) Ham HT and video modem
RIM00124.JPG (172032 bytes) Agate, CO RIM00125.JPG (172032 bytes) Agate, CO RIM00126.JPG (172032 bytes) Agate, CO
RIM00127.JPG (172032 bytes) Agate, CO RIM00128.JPG (172032 bytes) Unknown small place RIM00129.JPG (172032 bytes) Unknown pond
RIM00130.JPG (172032 bytes) Closed grass runway RIM00131.JPG (172032 bytes) Closed grass runway RIM00132.JPG (172032 bytes) Closed grass runway
RIM00133.JPG (172032 bytes) Aurora Reservoir RIM00134.JPG (172032 bytes) Aurora Reservoir