Group 4 SAREX

Durango - July 9-11

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RIM00072.JPG (172032 bytes) Unknown area enroute to DRO. Near Mt. Sopris? RIM00073.JPG (172032 bytes) Marble Canyon RIM00074.JPG (172032 bytes) Marble Canyon
RIM00075.JPG (172032 bytes) Black Canyon of the Gunnison RIM00076.JPG (172032 bytes) Black Canyon of the Gunnison RIM00077.JPG (172032 bytes) Setting up BoPeep
RIM00078.JPG (172032 bytes) Still setting up BoPeep RIM00079.JPG (172032 bytes) Headed out for a sortie RIM00080.JPG (172032 bytes) Ramp at Durango
RIM00081.JPG (172032 bytes) Fire Station - home for a few days RIM00082.JPG (172032 bytes) CAP Flight Line