TVCS Mini-SAREX 15 Oct 2000

Fort Collins - Loveland Airport

One sortie objective was to find "something interesting" in a 7 x 15 mile area just east of FNL, using the expanding square search pattern.  We never found the intended objective, but we did find something interesting! Pictures taken by 82H crew.  We learned that we needed to be lower and to use the zoom lens on the camera - that is why we are practicing this!!!

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RIM00335.JPG (90112 bytes) 49H in the hangar - sunny day outside RIM00336.JPG (90112 bytes) Mini Mission Base RIM00337.JPG (90112 bytes) Getting ready
RIM00338.JPG (90112 bytes) Still getting ready RIM00339.JPG (90112 bytes) Over initial search location, near US 34 and US 34 bypass junction RIM00340.JPG (90112 bytes) Looking for "something interesting"
RIM00341.JPG (90112 bytes) Possible target - about 1000 AGL RIM00342.JPG (90112 bytes) Another possible target RIM00343.JPG (90112 bytes) Still looking
RIM00344.JPG (90112 bytes) New State Farm building RIM00345.JPG (90112 bytes) Is this "interesting"? RIM00346.JPG (90112 bytes) Not sure if this is it or not
RIM00347.JPG (90112 bytes) Water tank with smiley face - probable target? RIM00348.JPG (90112 bytes) Water tank with smiley face - another angle RIM00349.JPG (90112 bytes) Water tank with smiley face - another angle
RIM00350.JPG (90112 bytes) Water tank with smiley face - another angle contour1.jpg (5659 bytes) Close-up of smiley face with edge-detection and contour filtering.