May 2001 TVCS Bivouac at Pingree Park

We drove up Friday afternoon and returned Monday afternoon.  Come play with us next year!  We had a busy and fun time with gobs of activities besides those shown below, like building shelters, beacon hunting, trading delicacies from MRE's, evening Escape & Evade, CQ (ok maybe that wasn't the most fun), First Aid practice, blindfold walk...

001_1.jpg (501531 bytes) Group Photo in the Sweetser Condo Tent (marble entryway, three bedrooms and a loft...) 003_3.jpg (817818 bytes) Colonel Quasimodo in his usual pose
002_2.jpg (841730 bytes) Lt Wilkinson shares his memories from Vietnam on Memorial Day. 012_14.jpg (733491 bytes) 011_13.jpg (771574 bytes) CPT Wassom performs surgery on the C/Commander.
019_22.jpg (717450 bytes) We studied various ways to evacuate injured victims (subjects).  Here's one way... 010_12.jpg (745862 bytes)  Carrying the litters across the river during the Search and Rescue Exercise.  Them army boots don't have much traction on the wet wood & stones, many feet get wet.  "Victims" Wolber, Hines and Wilkinson wimp out on the crossing.
018_21.jpg (716904 bytes) Or with a web strap instead of a rope... 009_11.jpg (808200 bytes) Curse of the 1st Sergeant strikes again.
017_20.jpg (815098 bytes) Two tree limbs and a blanket folded three times makes a quick and easy litter  008_9.jpg (763301 bytes) Many wet feet and socks drying out, including a boot roasting by the fire.  Notice C/Hart's "vulture" pose.
016_19.jpg (772740 bytes) Always good to have a light person on your team to be in the litter. 007_7.jpg (757715 bytes) Targets for the airplane flyover, and practicing mirror flashes
013_15.jpg (767864 bytes) Building the more complex litter -- two long limbs and shorter cross-ties.  006_6.jpg (760528 bytes) Another set of targets, from the ground.  Contrast this with Joel's pictures from the air.
015_18.jpg (740943 bytes) Once built, it's quite comfortable! 005_5.jpg (914828 bytes) stick through the head...
014_17.jpg (767758 bytes) Everyone watches the 1st Sergeant get carried by. 004_4.jpg (791323 bytes) The usual suspects...


1st Sergeant Curse of the Diamond
C/Bordewyk Man In Black
C/Brandt Carpe Ductum (Seize the duct tape)
C/S Carnes Clutter Award
C/W Carnes Subtle Hints Award
C/Cooley Trooper Award
C/Douglas Christmas Tree Award
C/Hart Vulture Award
C/Sutherland MRE Award
C/Sweetser Inspector Gadget Award
Lt Carnes Col. Quasimodo
Lt Hines Tabasco Award
CPT Wassom Good Health & Full Stomach
Lt Wilkinson Mastery of the Coffee Pot
CPT Wolber Napster.Com Award