Thompson Valley's own N9849H

2001 Photos.  Click on a thumbnail to see a full-size picture.

49HOnRamp.jpg (76967 bytes) 49H all alone on the ramp 49HWaltJohnMl.jpg (74745 bytes) With Walter Lamia and John Mitchell WaltThruWindshield.jpg (55941 bytes) Walter checking fuel
49HOnRampCloserl.jpg (76006 bytes) a little closer in... 49HWaltJohnMCloser.jpg (79213 bytes) a little closer in... JohnMSueWing.jpg (85602 bytes) Sue stopped by after the flight
49HOutsideHangar.jpg (75447 bytes) From the other side, next to the hangar JohnMBendingDown.jpg (77202 bytes) JohnM pre-flighting

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