TVCS Bivouac 4-6 June 2010

  IM002085 IM002086 IM002087 IM002088 IM002089  
  In formation for welcome / safety briefing.

  IM002090 IM002091 IM002092 IM002093 IM002094  
  Putting up the tents.

  IM002095 IM002096 IM002097 IM002098 IM002099  
  Dinner Friday night. Briefing for the missing person search.

  IM002100 IM002101 IM002103 IM002104 IM002105  
  Missing persons "Suzi-Q" and "Maggie Mae". With "Tiger Woods". Maj Niswender and "The Broomstick" "Mount Dietz" blocking radio reception. Options: Ground relay, Repeater, aircraft Relay.

  IM002106 IM002107 IM002108 IM002109 IM002110  

  IM002111 IM002112 IM002113 IM002115 IM002114  
  Larimer County Search and Rescue volunteers teaching Man-Tracking. LCSAR laid out 11 lines of bootprints. First, draw the boot print. What to look for in a track - broken or bent grass, bruising of vegetation.

  IM002116 IM002117 IM002118 IM002119 IM002121  
  Just right of the measuring tape, notice bent grass.

  IM002122 IM002123 IM002124 IM002125 IM002126  
  Easy to see this boot print in the mud. Tracking Stick assists in finding the next print - bottom rubber band at the heel of this print, upper rubber band at the toe of this print, and top of stick at stride length, where the heel of the next print should be. This print is right to left, orange flagging at the heel. Lunch Saturday. Aircraft fly-over of CPF 559. Cadets make the letters SOS while Cpt Schneider uses a signal mirror.

  IM002127 IM002128 IM002129 IM002130 IM002131  
  Orienteering - plotting a lat/long on the Topo map.

  IM002132 IM002133 IM002120 Bugged_DSC_0015 Bugged_DSC_00211  
  Gorgeous wildflowers. CPF 559 Over-flight Sat noon. Tents in middle, next to picnic tables "SOS" totally hidden by trees. "SOS" next to picnic tables partially visible through trees. Nice mirror flash.

  Bugged_DSC_0022 Bugged_DSC_0027 Bugged_DSC_0032  
  "SOS" in trees finally visible from one angle. Lots of orange on right is the LCSAR folks having lunch. "SOS" in meadow much more visible.

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