Hike to B17 crash site near Pingree Park, 1 August 2009

Jim Schafer organized and led a hike up to the 1943 B17 crash site just south-east of Pingree Park campus, west of Fort Collins. Five cadets and three seniors piled into the CAP van for the drive up Poudre Canyon and up to Pingree Park.

The hike is about 5 miles each way, about 1.5 hours each way. There are no signs pointing to the B17 crash site. Start at the Pingree Park campus at the Stormy Peaks Trailhead, follow the signs to Twin Lakes and then follow the stone arrows.

In attendance: cadets: C/CMSgt Stephens, C/A1C Steinbach, C/Amn Emslie and Murphy, and C/AB Sowl. Seniors: Cadet Sponsor Jim Schafer, SM Bob Proulx and Maj Sue Wolber.

  IM001402 IM001401 IM001400 IM001399 IM001338  
  From the road / parking lot Looking back at Pingree Park campus

  IM001339 IM001340 IM001398 IM001397 IM001341  
  Follow the signs to Twin Lakes Do not turn here, go right/straight In June this was Twin Lakes, with concrete spillway on the north end What remains of Twin Lakes in August - pond on right, mudhole behind left

  IM001343 IM001344 IM001345 IM001346 IM001347  
  Notice all the dead trees from the fire about 10 years ago. Stone arrows in the middle of the path mark the way to the B17 crash site Improving the arrows

  IM001348 IM001349 IM001350 IM001351 IM001352  
  For a long ways we walked along a dike. A man-made berm with ditch to right, diverting water.

  IM001353 IM001354 IM001355 IM001356 IM001357  
  The beginning of the dike with spillway. Last stone arrow, nearly there! Wow. Metal everywhere.

  IM001358 IM001359 IM001361 IM001362 IM001363  
  In center is a wooden cross, leaning sideways. 8 crewmen perished here in 1943.

  IM001364 IM001365 IM001366 IM001367 IM001368  
  engine main landing gear

  IM001369 IM001370 IM001371 IM001372 IM001373  
  Small and large pieces of metal everywhere.

  IM001374 IM001375 IM001376 IM001377 IM001378  
  largest intact section, part of the tail. supercharger fuel bladder

  IM001379 IM001380 IM001381 IM001382 IM001383  

  IM001384 IM001385 IM001386 IM001387 IM001388  

  IM001389 IM001390 IM001391 IM001393 IM001394  
  Looking downhill to the tail section rest break on the way back downhill


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