AFA Vectoring Mission 10-14 June 2009

This is a mission coordinated between Civil Air Patrol and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, part of the Combat Survival Training for cadets. Simulating being behind enemy lines, the cadets vector a rescue aircraft in to their position. We as Civil Air Patrol are cheap to practice with at ~$100/hr for the aircraft and free volunteer crews, compared to a military helicopter at over $1000/hr. There are about 1000 cadets who need this practice every year, so that's a lot of taxpayer $$ saved.

On Wed June 10 we got weathered out... tried again on June 11 and 13, more photos were taken on 14 June when weather cleared and two aircraft flew 2 hour sorties each. Photos are taken from about 1000 feet above ground level. There are about 100 cadets on the ground in two groups.

Aircrew was (on various days) John Mitchell, Sue Wolber, Jim Schinnerer, Gary Thomas for the Fort Collins aircraft, and Colorado Springs supplied aircrews for their aircraft. Huge thanks to mission base staff who make all this possible.

  IM001072 IM001073 IM001074 IM001075 IM001078  
  Earl is IC, Bill is IC-Trainee. Paul Schoen on the radio. Waiting for weather to clear. The usual - everybody gathered around the laptop.

  IM001079 IM001080 IM001081 IM001092 IM001094  
  Planning The far plane is 97T, a sharp eye will discern the retract gear. Looking north-west. In the center, white spot is a vehicle. West tarp barely visible right of the vehicles.

  IM001095 IM001096 IM001098 IM001100 IM001102  
  Nothing visible from this angle (tarps or people). Both orange tarps visible, middle below white van and middle near bottom, with a group of people around each. East tarp visible in the middle, west tarp hidden by trees but group of people visible. Later, most of the cadets have completed the vectoring exercise and are down on the road at the bend. Tarp barely visible.

  IM001103 IM001104 IM001107  
  Lots of people visible in the road. Not that far away but neither tarp is visible. Pike's peak with cloud deck below.

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