TVCS at Love Air Field for Warbirds Over the Rockies, 27-28 Sept 2008

Write-up by Steve Schneider. He says:

A group of cadets from Thompson Valley spent the weekend of 27-28th September at Love Air Field near Ault for the Warbirds Over the Rockies model aircraft fly-in.

Our cadets represented the Squadron and CAP very well to the public and spent the weekend collecting entrance fees, supervising vehicle movement in and out of the event and providing an overnight presence at the field (we don't do security!)

The cadets set up a Command Post on the 'frontline' and were able to sell cold drinks and candy bars during a warm weekend - to that end they raised $479 for Squadron funds! (with a possible further donation from the organizers pending)

Of course they also got 'grandstand' seats to the airshow too!

I would like to thank the cadets and following seniors and parents for making this a success:

Liz Caldwell - getting it 'off the ground' (pardon the pun!)
Gary Cramer - for providing the male overnight presence and basically running the weekend
AnneMarie Muehlbradt for helping out during the day, doing a concessions resupply trip to Sam's Club (and a NICE donation too!)
Gary Caldwell - for doing everything that Liz asked him to - and more!
JennyN - for spending Saturday night in the dark with a bunch of cadets with flashlights(torches!) campfires and soda
Brandy Friesen - the Saturday spaghetti was VERY popular
Gretchen MacVean - Brownies and ice cream for dessert on Saturday night?? I think she got the 'most popular parent' award!
and finally... THE CADETS! - nice job!


If you are aware of other events that need this kind of support from our cadets (in exchange for a donation/permission to sell concessions) please let the Cadet Leadership team know - soon we will have a fundraising committee to increase our attendance at these events

Thank you also to a number of senior members that said 'give me more notice and I'd like to help out' - we will send information out via the TVCS distibution list in the future.

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