NDMS 11 June 2005

Civil Air Patrol was proud to participate as "victims" in the National Disaster Medical System exercise at DIA.

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  At Wyoming ANG, 0630 TVCS and GXY folks hang out before getting on the C130 On the C130 CYS to COS 0800 radios?

  IM002146 IM002147 IM002148 IM002149 IM002150  
  out the right side ANG medic playing victim over DIA on the left lookit all them planes at DIA!

  IM002151 IM002152 IM002153 IM002154 IM002155  
  rear of the C130 medics ready for the incoming "toilet" on the C130 Cpt Wassom snoozes on the way down She can sleep through anything!

  IM002156 IM002159 IM002160 IM002161 IM002162  
  Lt's Kononen and Dierks discuss the upcoming fun At Peterson AFB everyone is bandaged up lined up ready to board the C130

  IM002163 IM002164 IM002165 IM002166 IM002167  
  non-ambulatory victims go first carrying their own stretchers! ANG medics get us belted in On the C130

  IM002169 IM002170 IM002171 IM002172 IM002173  
  to DIA 1045 Unloading at DIA Lt Kononen on the stretcher

  IM002174 IM002175 IM002176 IM002177 IM002178  
  helicopters are already here 4 of them to carry out the non-ambulatory Lt Kononen doesn't make it on the first wave Cpt Wassom "collapses" and is put on a ventilator

  IM002179 IM002180 IM002181 IM002182 IM002183  
  Lt Kononen takes photos while waiting for next chopper Maj Binkley went "psychotic" and joins those on stretchers Still hoping for a helicopter ride (got it at 1530 hurrah!) Cpt Hertelendy checks with Cpt Wassom 1230 the ambulatory from first wave move to another room as second wave arrives

  IM002184 IM002185 IM002186  
  we departed for hospitals 1300 Everyone returns by 1700 for dinner from Salvation Army We love you Salvation Army!

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