TVCS Bivouac 2-5 June 2005

Well, really 2-4 June, the rain overwhelmed us and we beat a hasty retreat Saturday, through snow in Rist Canyon on the way back!

Great photos from Captain Anderson

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Setting up camp

IM002098.JPG (505123 bytes) A ground squirrel tunnel through the fire pit! IM002099.JPG (527828 bytes)
IM002100.JPG (596018 bytes) Latrine with the "green signal" showing

Lper Practice

IM002101.JPG (627866 bytes) IM002103.JPG (544327 bytes) IM002105.JPG (602883 bytes) Pringles go with anything
IM002106.JPG (504415 bytes) Capt Campbell and C/Lt Bordewyk 

explain the theory of LPers

IM002107.JPG (509093 bytes) IM002108.JPG (453413 bytes)
IM002109.JPG (524449 bytes) Notice the blue sky Fri am... 

about the only blue we saw

Hasty Shelters

IM002110.JPG (668777 bytes) IM002111.JPG (576936 bytes) Examples of how to use a poncho (left)

and a single tarp (right)

IM002112.JPG (522850 bytes)
IM002116.JPG (496636 bytes) IM002117.JPG (624604 bytes) IM002118.JPG (534776 bytes) IM002119.JPG (653034 bytes)
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IM002124.JPG (497199 bytes) IM002125.JPG (510080 bytes) IM002126.JPG (597756 bytes)
IM002128.JPG (542248 bytes) IM002127.JPG (513068 bytes) Notice the nice trench above the tarp,

to carry the rain away

Around Camp

IM002104.JPG (498353 bytes) peanut butter, mmmm IM002113.JPG (617350 bytes) Tent with a moat / trench around it.  Given all the rain, this was a great idea!
IM002114.JPG (502078 bytes) Nice windbreak on the left, and a cordoned-off flagstoned entryway! IM002129.JPG (512234 bytes) Tic-Tac-Toe on a rock
IM002130.JPG (477158 bytes) folding the rain poncho Friday - dooming us to a solid 24 hours of rain  IM002131.JPG (508785 bytes) Pringles here, Pringles there, Pringles everywhere!
IM002132.JPG (459088 bytes) Capt Anderson joined us just in time for the downpour  IM002133.JPG (444736 bytes) Caught the Colonel with her mouth full
IM002134.JPG (532523 bytes) The Colonel excelled at this game with no politically-correct name.  Doubles are legal but no sandwiches in this variation. IM002135.JPG (499684 bytes) The Captains watch the game
IM002137.JPG (552862 bytes) C/Lt Bordewyk catches up on his sit-ups IM002138.JPG (495684 bytes)
IM002139.JPG (547530 bytes) It used to be an MRE... IM002140.JPG (512519 bytes) mold - blech!

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