Group 2 SAREX

8 January 2005

Jeffco Airport

Jeffco and Thompson Valley squadrons hosted a Group 2 SAREX.  77 people (wow!) and 5 aircraft attended.

Click on a thumbnail to see a full-size picture.  Thanks to Bruce and Ian for many photos, and thanks to everyone who attended!

Butler.jpg (222457 bytes) John Butler, as always, does a superb job in Brief / Debrief Howard.jpg (199313 bytes) Howard McClure runs Air Ops paperwork.jpg (222788 bytes) Crews do their paperwork
Sue.jpg (178617 bytes) Sue Wolber confers with Bob Toy F18.jpg (218694 bytes) Doesn't get much more impressive.

Dale Short ran Ground Ops and had an incredibly high-tech way of tracking his ground teams:

  1. An Excel spreadsheet with everyone's information and current location  See pdf here
  2. Software that took their current location (and history of locations) plotted on a topo map.  Way cool!

DaleGroundTeams.jpg (2694970 bytes)

More photos from around Mission Base here  and from even more here


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