Buena Vista SAREX Sept 17-19 2004

Huge thanks to Walter Zorn and Rod Holton and all the folks who put together the Buena Vista SAREX and Mountain Flying ground school. Friday, Bill Standerfer and Jer/ Eberhard taught a great ground school. Saturday we flew, with Joyce Waters running Air Ops and John Butler and crew running Brief/Debrief. Cadets at Comm did a wonderful job, as did Tricia Touissant at Ground Ops and lots of other folks helping.

Weather caused a shutdown Saturday where everyone went home that afternoon. Rod Holton then coordinated training flights Sunday from the participants' home bases, thanks Rod!

Also more photos here by Gary Thomas

  HPIM2242 HPIM2243 HPIM2244 HPIM2245 HPIM2246  

  HPIM2247 HPIM2248 HPIM2249 HPIM2250 HPIM2251  

  HPIM2252 HPIM2253 HPIM2254 HPIM2255 HPIM2256  

  HPIM2257 HPIM2258 HPIM2259 HPIM2260 HPIM2261  

  HPIM2262 HPIM2263 IM001840 IM001841 IM001842  

  IM001843 IM001844 IM001845 IM001846 IM001847  

  IM001848 IM001849 IM001850 IM001851 IM001852  

  IM001853 IM001854 IM001855 IM001856 IM001857  

  IM001858 IM001859 IM001860  

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