Boulder mini-SAREX Sept 26 2004

A great funded mini-SAREX was hosted by Andrew McKenna and Boulder squadron. Wonderful targets, great mission base setup, and of course great mission base staff of Vic Hauser as IC, Andrew McKenna at Planning and Air Ops, Elaine Venable at Ground Ops, and Amy Michealis at Brief/Debrief. Lots of other folks contributed, including the usual suspects from COS in 29E for SDIS training, and plenty of other Boulder squadron folks. Thanks Boulder!

  IM001861 IM001862 IM001864 IM001865 IM001866  
  Howard McClure at left, Ken McNaught at right, and Andrew McKenna in the background IC extraordinaire Vic Hauser Russ Reed works on his inbound 104 as Andrew working Air Ops keeps track of everything Diane Wassom and Amy Michaelis set up Briefing and DeBriefing Gathering for General Briefing

  IM001867 IM001868 IM001869 IM001870 IM001871  
  SDIS training a/c wreckage in the center (yeah it was bumpy) a/c wreckage just below middle center. Ooops forgot to turn off the flash! There's wreckage down there somewhere, darned if I can see it Blurry shot of the wreckage.

  k-s_apt_E k-s_apt_N k-s_apt_S k-s_apt_W k-s_apt_close  
  Kugel-Strong airport, looking east looking north looking south looking west close-up looking south-east

  k-s_apt_overall Img_1606 Img_1607  
  Overall picture of Kugel-Strong, showing access roads, looking west Neat radar antenna! Top dish rotates

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