Mini-SAREX at Greeley  Oct 10, 2003

Ed Binkley and Greeley Squadron hosted a mini-SAREX and invited TVCS to come play.  Thanks to all who helped set up, from Harris Jet Center for the facilities, to Jer/ and BillS who worked mission base, and most of all to Ed who did most of the setup work.  Also thanks to Greeley Squadron who hosted a free lunch!

Sue and Diane and Bruno flew over in 49H for the morning so we had two CAP aircraft (49H and the Maule).  After returning 49H to FNL for afternoon O-rides (late, sorry Dick!) we brought a private back to GXY and continued to fly in the afternoon with both aircraft.

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First set of photos were taken by Diane front seat and Kathi Crooks back seat in the Maule,  of the beacon/wreckage scenario.  The Maule's huge windows do make it easier to not have struts / wing in the photos, so only a few pictures have just a teeny smidge of strut.  Of course the real reason is that girls are just better :-)

  IM001182 IM001183 IM001184 IM001185 IM001186  

  IM001187 IM001188 IM001189 IM001190 IM001191  

  IM001192 IM001193 IM001194 IM001195  

These photos were taken by Bruno from the back seat of 82H, of the second scenario -- the private airstrip just SW of Briggsdale.  The longer Cessna wings and smaller window (compared to the Maule) make it more difficult to get a clear photo with no aircraft parts.

  IM001197 IM001198 IM001199 IM001200 IM001201  

  IM001202 IM001196  

Chris and Kathi work on the financials IM001203  

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