Sept 2002 CD-EX


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im000387.jpg (76762 bytes) Marvin Strauss and Merrill Westrope pose by 76N before we fly.  Merrill drove a van all the way from ColoSprings to ensure we had transportation - thanks Merrill! im000415.jpg (70899 bytes) Post-flight discussions
im000388.jpg (67976 bytes) Vic Hauser briefs the next crew while Bob Machacek keeps the paperwork rolling on BoPeep. im000416.jpg (80186 bytes) Ok, who's next?
im000400.jpg (66286 bytes) Stan's DB surrounded by CAP planes. im000417.jpg (234737 bytes) Praying to BoPeep....
im000401.jpg (84080 bytes) Our AirForce people really do check the logs of all the aircraft!