Oct 19, 2002 TVCS Web Page Re-design

The old TVCS web page was primarily oriented towards the seniors.  The cadets want a page oriented more towards them.  So they volunteered a few people to re-design the web page, and create both Senior and Cadet pages.

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im000516.jpg (119330 bytes) Paula, Brenda, Jenny and Sue contemplate where to start.  Sue's basement was used to let each of us have our own computer to play on. im000519.jpg (99341 bytes) Bob (who provides all the computers in the basement) wandered around taking a few too many pictures.
im000517.jpg (91780 bytes) Brenda and Jenny work through a new web page design on the white-board. im000520.jpg (97144 bytes) Jenny cranks on the new Cadet pages for hours and hours and hours...
im000518.jpg (89267 bytes) Discussion over details.  The main page will eventually have better graphics, including the squadron patch. im000521.jpg (80273 bytes) Brenda and Paula write the new main page.
im000522.jpg (80574 bytes) Paula decides on fonts and phrasing.  "Must fix main page"