Index of Pictures

  MissionBase TVCS-JennyN Bessee BesseeBrumfield Sr-Who  
  Mission Base TVCS cadet commander-JennyN Don Bessee, Comm Officer o' the day Don Bessee, Brian Brumfield At the command tent

  CadetHess Brandon CadetFatAl CadetBreak1 CadetBreak2  
  Cadet Hess keeping track of everyone Saturday Recruiters, Dick Hamilton and Brandon Under Fat Al, the best shade around Cadet Lunch Break under the tent Cadets: Water break

  TVCSSweetser CrowdCntl1 CrowdCntl2 TMeyer-GolfCart TMeyer-JennyN  
  TVCS-Cadet Sweetser Crowd Control-waiting for the Angels Crowd Control-still waiting Tom Meyer got the tough job in the golf cart Jenny keeping Tom Meyer in line

  TVCS-BrendaK TVCS-Dan TVCS-Dick TVCS-TheoK FizzyRckt1  
  Recruiter: TVCS-Brenda Kononen In the shade: TVCS-Dan Lukensow TVCS-Dick Hamilton and Brandon TVCS-A relaxed, shaded Theo Kalman Cadet Recruiting-Debbie Hines

  Mustang1 Mustang2 SglEng1 SglEng2 biplane  
  Mustang Squadron manning the booth Mustang Squadron cadet recruiting Flying by... Somebody else flying by... A Biplane

  AT6again AT6FlyBy TwoTwinTails Chute1 Cute2  
  AT6s AT6 Fly By Twin Tails Army Parachuter Army Parachuter-gravity rules

  Chute5 Chute4 Chute3 Stealth1 Stealth2  
  Incoming Closer, closer... Parachutes, smokin' Stealth approach Stealth arrival

  Stealth3 Stealth4 NiceTail GetReady GetSet  
  Airshow UFO And it's gone... Getting ready-in the hanger Get Ready Get Set

  MikeW-salute F18sTaxi LiftOff GetGone OneAway  
  TVCS-Mike Wilkinson F18s Taxi out Lift Off Get Gone Get out a' here

  ClosePass DirtyDiamond F18-18inches FiveAcross FiveAway  
  Knife edge pass Dirty Diamond F18's 18inches apart Straight formation Five F18s

  FleurDeLis OutsideLoop RightAngles ScatterSix TriangleSix  
  Fleur De Lis Outside Loop At Right Angles Scatter Shot Triangle Formation

  TwoMtnBckgrnd TwoUpTwoDown UpAndDown WeavingF18s WildBlue  
  Against the mountains When you can't decide to fly rightside up or upside down UpAndDown Weaving F18s Into the Wild Blue Yonder

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