February 10, 2002 

Thompson Valley Composite Squadron 

Change of Command Ceremony

On Sunday February 10, 2002, an official Change of Command ceremony was held at our Cadet meeting.  CPT Karl Schultz officially stepped down after four years as Squadron Commander, and 1LT Mike Fassi stepped up as our new Commander.

Wing Commander COL Jack Bushmann and Group 2 Commander Maj Howard McClure attended.

Karl's list of accomplishments is long, most notable is that he remained Commander through four long years of many personal changes, including the last two years commuting from Denver.  In those 4 years he changed jobs, got married, and moved twice.

IM000177.JPG (551004 bytes)

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Thanks to Ken McNaught for getting a really awesome cake!  Good chocolate too :-)

Ken Anderson brought the yummy hot spiced cider, mmmmmm....

IM000181.JPG (529172 bytes) Our Group 2 Commander jokes with our check pilots and crew chief.
IM000180.JPG (499284 bytes) Nice plaque too... IM000183.JPG (502572 bytes) Howard, Bill and Johns listen and KenA explains... something.
IM000188.JPG (619384 bytes) Col Bushmann, our Wing Commander, says a few words... "3 minutes" is a long time :-) IM000190.JPG (579104 bytes) Karl gets a plaque and a Meritorious Service Award!
IM000191.JPG (569280 bytes) Karl and Mike shake hands, as Karl thinks "sucker..." :-) IM000192.JPG (487200 bytes) Karl cuts the cake
IM000194.JPG (580384 bytes) cake... IM000195.JPG (519812 bytes) and cake...
IM000193.JPG (514132 bytes) and cake and chatter... IM000196.JPG (549944 bytes)

IM000199.JPG (493656 bytes)

Two cadets talk with Mike and Brenda about becoming Information Officers.
IM000197.JPG (512768 bytes) IM000201.JPG (551888 bytes) The obligatory picture of Jer/ instructing the Cadet Commander :-)


Olympic Runner!

1LT Mike Wilkinson is bursting with pride at being an official Olypic Torch Runner!

IM000182.JPG (485228 bytes) Is Mike sticking his tongue out?. IM000185.JPG (557768 bytes) Mike places the torch in the stand.  Three pounds gets heavy after a while!
IM000184.JPG (474024 bytes) Man those Olympic rings sure are bright! IM000186.JPG (484696 bytes) Mike, you deserve this honor.  Kudos to Debbie for nominating you!
IM000187.JPG (568084 bytes) The cadets chosen to stand with Mike are honored too. IM000198.JPG (497400 bytes) Mike lets everyone get a close look at the torch.
IM000200.JPG (488276 bytes) Mike, we're all proud of ya!

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